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TexSmart Download

This page provides TexSmart SDK and its related data for downloading.

Downloading the latest version

The downloading information for TexSmart SDK v0.3.0 (the latest version) is summarized below:

Version Model Size Language Downloading URL Description
v0.3.0 Small (S) Chinese+English texsmart-sdk-0.3.0-s (.tar.gz | .zip) Original size: 1.4GB;zip size: 857MB;tar.gz size: 857MB
Chinese texsmart-sdk-0.3.0-s-zh (.tar.gz | .zip) Original size: 947MB;zip size: 586MB;tar.gz size: 586MB
English texsmart-sdk-0.3.0-s-en (.tar.gz | .zip) Original size: 436MB;zip size: 287MB;tar.gz size: 287MB
Medium (M) Chinese+English texsmart-sdk-0.3.0-m (.tar.gz | .zip) Original size: 4.5GB;zip size: 3.2GB;tar.gz size: 3.2GB
Chinese texsmart-sdk-0.3.0-m-zh (.tar.gz | .zip ) Original size: 2.6GB; zip size: 1.8GB;tar.gz size: 1.8GB
English texsmart-sdk-0.3.0-m-en (.tar.gz | .zip) Original size: 2.1GB; zip size: 1.4GB;tar.gz size: 1.4GB
Large (L) Chinese+English Only for API Service

The basic information of the SDK v0.3.0 version is as follows:

The main updates of TexSmart SDK v0.3.0 are as follows:
  • Other instructions and notice:
  • The entity type data for fine-grained NER in TexSmart(v0.3.0)can be downloaded from:

    Please note that the content within these two compressed files are excatly the same and thus it is fine to choose either of them.

    Downloading history versions

  • v0.1.1
  • v0.1.3
  • v0.2.0