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D2: Decentralized Training over Decentralized Data

While training a machine learning model using multiple workers, each of which collects data from their own data sources, it would be most useful when the data collected from different workers can be {\em unique} and {\em different}. Ironically, recent analysis of decentralized parallel stochastic gradient descent (D-PSGD) relies on the assumption that the data hosted on different workers are {\em not too different}. In this paper, we ask the question: {\em Can we design a decentralized parallel stochastic gradient descent algorithm that is less sensitive to the data variance across workers?} In this paper, we present D2, a novel decentralized parallel stochastic gradient descent algorithm designed for large data variance \xr{among workers} (imprecisely, "decentralized" data). The core of D2 is a variance blackuction extension of the standard D-PSGD algorithm, which improves the convergence rate from O(σnT√ (nζ2)13T2/3) to O(σnT√) where ζ2 denotes the variance among data on different workers. As a result, D2 is robust to data variance among workers. We empirically evaluated D2 on image classification tasks where each worker has access to only the data of a limited set of labels, and find that D2 significantly outperforms D-PSGD.

2018 ICML
Publication Time
Hanlin Tang, Xiangru Lian, Ming Yan, Ce Zhang, Ji Liu